What were your favorite BOARD games you played with your family or friends when U were growing up?

Question by mountainman: What were your favorite BOARD games you played with your family or friends when U were growing up?
Please don’t list the atari, sega-genesis, or computer type games. I’m looking for games like Monopoly, Parcheesi, Sorry, Life, etc. But electronic board games like my favorites ~Dark Tower and Stop Thief ~ are good to mention.

The nostalgia train is leaving the station……..all aboard.
To Edlauren: I remember Bonkers. Anyone can google Bonkers the board game and see it.

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Answer by PecanTan
mononoply,sorry,trouble,chinese checkers,life,payday,operation,twister

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22 Responses to What were your favorite BOARD games you played with your family or friends when U were growing up?

  1. Prabhat Ross says:

    Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Trade, Card games like Rummy, Carrom, Scrabble….used to play all these with my dad, mom and sister

  2. mary4jokes says:

    1. clue
    2. monopoly
    3. uno (although there were only cards for this one sorry)

  3. Ken S says:

    life,sorry,parcheesi,monopoly,checkers,chinese checkers, to mention a few

  4. Kovács Levente says:

    The socialist version of Monopoly… The only way to get money was if you put your money in the bank and had interest, or when you won the lottery. lol Otherwise you only spent on food, travelling, pub. It was great fun.

  5. SEXYTHANG823 says:


  6. Saved says:

    Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble, Life, Boggle (though not a board game), Candy Land, Don’t Eat the Cherries (I think that’s the name)

  7. MARADONA JR. says:


  8. sarcastica says:

    monopoly, life, payday, spanish bingo, chinese checkers, scrabble.

  9. wrf3k says:

    Axis and Allies. That game still rules.

  10. mahdi says:

    carrom board……………

  11. Sunseaandair says:

    Snakes & Ladders
    Trivial Pursuit,

  12. Dr. Bombay's Nurse says:

    Monopoly, my brother and I had these totally ridiculous match ups where we would wheel and deal, slobber on the dice, and just generally irritate the heck out of anyone els within earshot.

  13. J Lock says:


  14. janice h says:

    MenschAgerDichNicht (German Ludo)

  15. busymama says:

    I played games like Careers, Pirates and travelor, stocks and bonds,monopoly, sorry , life, trivial pursuit, all the kiddie ones and my favorite, scrabble.

  16. Imaka says:

    This will be a real nostalgia trip ….

    We were so poor some of the time that we did not have a lot of money for games, so I remember making a board for Snakes and Ladders from a piece of scrap cardboard. We had a metal (I guess it is actually tin – I still have it) board that was made in two parts – we stored the game pieces inside – for Chinese Checkers and Checkers. Another favorite was Parcheesi. We also played card games.

    When my children were growing up we played those same games, but also Scrabble, Life, Chess, Sorry, Operation, and the ancient game of Mancala to name a few.

    With our grandchildren we are just beginning the cycle of games at our house. Mancala is already a favorite of theirs. We are introducing a new (to us) board game called Barricade.

  17. anonymous says:

    Candyland! Trouble! Monopoly! Twister!

  18. whatthe says:

    trivial pursuit, clue, stratego and monopoly

  19. edlauren says:

    i loved monopoly, parchesi, life and clue but i also loved this game called bonkers. No one seems to remember it but me but it was absolute favorite board game of all time.

  20. Beautiful Woman says:

    MONOPOLY—HELLO, who wants to play, like right now?!


  21. Tony R says:

    I enjoyed playing Snakes and Ladders when I was very young and when I was older I enjoyed playing Cluedo with my family.

  22. icy_rain says:

    i LOVE monopoly :)

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